Artist Books & Multiples of Miranda Maher

Redbook: Redux

A reinvention of Maher’s 1992 xerox book Redbook: A Book of Hours, Redbook Redux assembles visual elements appropriated from illuminated manuscripts spanning several centuries in both Europe and the Middle East.  But on this luscious ground we find FBI statistics on “forcible rape” used to divide the days of the month into intervals of six minutes. Logged against a listing of women’s (and men’s) names, this book becomes a horrific testimony of the extent to which our culture tolerates personal violence.

Edition of 500
5.5×8.5″ Digital lithography, casebound with ribbon bookmark (imprinted w/title)
2011, Brooklyn N.Y.

100 of the edition – signed and numbered by the artist

One response

  1. stenglesarah

    Hi Miranda, I really enjoyed browsing through your bookworks on this site. I am so impressed with the edge on your ideas, scope of your subject matter and that you keep your book approachable.

    April 11, 2013 at 9:46 pm

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