Artist Books & Multiples of Miranda Maher

About Horse in a Storm

About Horse in a Storm Press

Horse in a Storm Press is the imprint of visual artist Miranda Maher.  Started in 1990, Horse in a Storm press published one book most years until the publication of After Reasonable Research, Years with No Acts of ‘Open and Declared Hostile Conflict’ Are Indicated with a Perpendicular Line. Perhaps They Were Periods of Peace.  With the continuation of the George W. Bush administration and its invasion of Iraq, Horse in a Storm press set aside publication of other titles and focused on keeping that title updated and in distribution.

Wars continue.  After Reasonable Research… will continue also.  But other titles have started emerging.  November 2010 saw the publication of a poster: How to Forget What You Gave Away.  In addition, a CD of sound works, tentatively titled My Beautiful Space  and two book/multiples are in the works: Redbook: Redux and Beloved / Beleaguered: Rivers.

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