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Emergency Instructions & Contemporary Immaculate Conceptions

Emergency Instructions – [3 booklet set]

Emergency Instructions I, II, III

These three booklets provide the reader with step-by-step instructions on how to physically react to danger. Includes:

I. How to Swallow the Lump in Your Throat
II. How to Shore your Shaking Knees
III. How to Give the Gift of your Back-Brain (and maybe escape away)

Xeroxed, Saddle staple binding. Red cardstock covers with red paper band.
Detroit, MIĀ  1990


Contemporary Immaculate Conceptions

Contemporary Immaculate Conceptions

Conflating scientific intervention in childbirth with the Christian mythos of sexless “immaculate” conception, this multiple presents four test tubes posing as pseudo Christmas tree ornaments, each representing an actual incident of choreographed conception gone awry. Cards tell each baby’s story. In leatherette presentation box and paperboard box.

Edition of 50
6×8″ Mixed media multiple. Signed and dated.
1998, Brooklyn N.Y.
$48 (low stock)