Artist Books & Multiples of Miranda Maher


GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! : Madwomen & Murderesses

GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! : Madwomen & Murderesses

From Printed Matter:
Murderous madwomen Jean Frame, Aileen Wuornos, Madeleine Smith, Jeanne Webber, Karla Faye Tucker, the Papin sisters, Roxanne Gay, Ruth Snyder, and Irma Grese are the players in this fascinating and ambitious artist’s book. Printed on the onion skin pages of the book with black circles over their mouths, the women speak instead through Maher’s collection of quotations from doctors, patients, scientific studies, news reports, and criminal trials. The quotations are accompanied by found and original “explanatory” drawings and diagrams that give a sense of how how elusive any single explanation actually is. The complexity of the cultural phenomenon of murderous madwoman is evident in the titles of the book’s chapters: Madness as Fear and Anger; Madness as Invention; Madness as Failure; Madness as Fragmentation; Murder as Release; Murder as Compulsion; Murder as Silencing; Murder as Scientific Method; Murder as Escape; Murder as Masculinity; Murder as Deliverance; Murder as Ball-Busting; Murder as Domination; Murder as Resistance. The artist created a related Printed Matter window project in September, 1994.

Xerox on varied papers,

Brooklyn, 1993.


18 Self-Portraits, 15 Portraits, 9 Portraits in 2 Different Forms

18 Self-Portraits, 15 Portraits, 9 Portraits in 2 Different Forms.

The survey behind this methodical book asked respondents to list ten dates in their lives “representing significant events/actions/occurrences/influences.” Maher then mapped these coordinates by shooting “10 rounds from a 45 caliber automatic handgun, penetrating all sheets at one time” at the Westside Range, New York. She also documented the responses onto rubber stamps, imprints of which are included in the book, along with copies of the original responses.

Brooklyn, NY : Horse in a Storm Press. 1991


Redbook: A Book of Hours

Redbook: A Book of Hours

Redbook uses FBI statistics on “forcible rape” to divide one year into intervals of five minutes. Logged against a random selection of women’s names, this book becomes a horrific testimony to the extent to which our culture tolerates violence against women. Maher conceptually links the distancing effects of statistics to the division of time, designated by the Christian Book of Hours for prayer, to suggest an underlying ideology of compliance.

Brooklyn, New York 1992


Emergency Instructions & Contemporary Immaculate Conceptions

Emergency Instructions – [3 booklet set]

Emergency Instructions I, II, III

These three booklets provide the reader with step-by-step instructions on how to physically react to danger. Includes:

I. How to Swallow the Lump in Your Throat
II. How to Shore your Shaking Knees
III. How to Give the Gift of your Back-Brain (and maybe escape away)

Xeroxed, Saddle staple binding. Red cardstock covers with red paper band.
Detroit, MI  1990


Contemporary Immaculate Conceptions

Contemporary Immaculate Conceptions

Conflating scientific intervention in childbirth with the Christian mythos of sexless “immaculate” conception, this multiple presents four test tubes posing as pseudo Christmas tree ornaments, each representing an actual incident of choreographed conception gone awry. Cards tell each baby’s story. In leatherette presentation box and paperboard box.

Edition of 50
6×8″ Mixed media multiple. Signed and dated.
1998, Brooklyn N.Y.
$48 (low stock)